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  • The difference between AC cooling fan and DC cooling fan. The former power supply is AC, the power supply voltage will be positive and negative alternating, unlike the DC fan power supply voltage is fixed, you must rely on circuit control to make the two sets of coils work in turn to generate different magnetic fields. Since the frequency of the AC fan is fixed, the speed of the magnetic pole generated by the silicon steel sheet is determined by the frequency of the power supply. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic field switching speed. Theoretically, the faster the speed, just like the more the number of DC fans, the faster the speed. same. However, the frequency should not be too fast, too fast will cause activation difficulties.

  • When selecting a DC radiator fan, the following elements should be considered:

    1. The speed of the DC radiator fan:

    The speed of the DC cooling fan is the same as the power. The higher the speed, the greater the wind force, and the better the heat dissipation function. As everyone knows, relative high-speed rotation will cause high vibration, but also with noise. The higher the speed ratio, the greater the harm to the fan's service life.

    2. DC radiator fan raw materials:

    Currently, aluminum and plastic are two common materials on the market. The raw materials of aluminum electric fans are usually AC fans. The communication AC fan has a low thermal performance and a small displacement. The raw material of DC radiator fan is usually plastic.

    3. The output power of the DC radiator fan:

    The higher the light bulb power, the brighter the sound, and the higher the sound power, the stronger the natural wind speed of the DC cooling fan, and the higher the wind speed, the higher the heat pipe cooling effect. Therefore, comprehensive comparison and selection should be based on the raw materials and principles of DC cooling fans.

    4. Performance of DC radiator fan:

    The DC radiator fan must be able to show sufficient exhaust pipe capacity (ie speed ratio). At high temperatures, when the temperature of the hot air is low or the total flow of the hot air is relatively small, the hot air in the water cooling equipment is working in the opposite direction.

    5. Pick a good DC radiator fan:

    Customers generally ignore this when selecting. After applying for a period of time, many fans of fake and well-known brands will cause a lot of noise due to the serious damage of the rolling bearings. This will not only endanger the use period of the fan, but also make you uneasy when applying. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose high-quality fan products of well-known brands. Geatsink Tips: The above are some aspects to consider when choosing a DC cooling fan. After understanding the above points, you will know how to choose a DC cooling fan when purchasing.

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