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Explain in detail the calculation method of air volume of parallel and series fans

Release time : 2020-Apr-24   Clicks : 4701

Parallel operation

Operation curve of parallel fan and individual fan


Parallel operation means using two or more fans in parallel. The air volume generated by two fans in parallel is only twice that of a single fan under free space conditions. When the parallel fan is applied to a higher system impedance, the higher the system impedance, the more the parallel fan can increase. The lower the air volume. Therefore, the parallel application is only used in the case of low system impedance, that is, the fan operates with almost complete free air supply.

Tandem operation

Operation curve of series fan and individual fan

Tandem operation is to use two or more fans in series. The static pressure generated by the two fans in series can be up to twice under the condition of zero air volume, but in the case of free space, the air volume cannot be increased. Add a series fan to increase the air volume in the system with higher static pressure. Therefore, series operation can achieve the highest effect on systems with high system impedance.

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